Biggest Differences Between Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras

What’s going on epic gamers! Welcome to my blog site. 🙂 In this article I’m going to be mind dumping some of the biggest differences that I’ve noticed when switching from DSLR cameras to mirrorless cameras. And why I like mirrorless over DSLRs.

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But first, if you are wondering what are Mirrorless (MILC) and DSLR cameras, then please consider watching my short video below covering the mechanical difference between these two types of cameras and some of my thoughts on both of these types of cameras.

So now that you have an understanding of what these two types of cameras are, here are my top 3 things that I’ve noticed when switching from DSLR to MILC cameras and why I prefer mirrorless cameras as an event videographer.

#3: They’re Easily Transportable

In the video above, you’ll hear me talk about how nice it is that mirrorless cameras are typically smaller and less heavy than DSLR cameras. The other big plus to this point is that it makes traveling with them a whole lot easier. If you plan to travel a lot with your camera, then you’re going to love having a MILC.

Mirrorless cameras can easily fit into small bags. They can easily fit into carry-on cargo bags if you travel through an airport. Not only this, but when you use mirrorless cameras at events, you’ll be able to shoot longer and have more stamina as a videographer. DSLR cameras and the lenses and accessories that come along with them tend to be a lot heavier.

#2: Accessories Are Cheaper

Mirrorless cameras tend to be cheaper than DLSR cameras. But did you also consider that their accessories may be as well?

For example say if you wanted to purchase a gimbal for your mirrorless camera. You’ll notice that you’ll find a wide range of gimbals with different ranges for payload capacity. Since mirrorless cameras tend to be lighter than DSLRs, you can opt to get a gimbal that supports a lower payload. Once of my favorites are listed below and it works perfectly with my Lumix G85.

#1 Mirrorless Is The Future

As technology advances chips are getting smaller and smaller and this is the way technology advances. The future of video are small pocket sized cameras that can shoot 8k video plus. Mirrorless is just another step in this direction. And I believe that I’m future proofing myself a little bit by getting a mirrorless camera over a DSLR.

If you are curious on the future and evolution of video, I sat down with a fellow video colleague, Bert from Moving Frame Media. We discuss the future of video and how it has evolved over the last few decades. Feel free to listen it in the podcast episode below.


Mirrorless cameras are only one type of camera although! There are other types such as cinema cameras. If you are interested, consider reading my review on the Blackmagic Pocket 6k Camera by click here.

So those are my thoughts on mirrorless cameras, and why I like them over DSLR cameras. If you find value in the content I produce, please consider subscribing to my monthly newsletter by clicking the subscribe button below so that you never miss an update. You will also receive a FREE MOGRT pack as a token of my appreciation. Thanks so much for reading!

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