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30 – Going All In On Shorts & Reels! (Season 2 Wrap Up) The Post Show Podcast

In this season finale I go over how my YouTube channel has grown over a 9 month period. Then I cover my future content strategy and how I plan to use YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels to grow my personal brand.   Connect With Me: https://johnthevideoguy.com/contact/ https://www.youtube.com/johnvlach https://www.instagram.com/johnthevideoguy/  
  1. 30 – Going All In On Shorts & Reels! (Season 2 Wrap Up)
  2. 29 – The Future of John The Video Guy…
  3. 28 – Little Things YouTubers Never Talk About…
  4. 27 – Trying New Things: Instagram & TikTok 1st Impressions
  5. 26 – How Often Should You Upload Videos? | My Plan to Grow on YouTube in 2022
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