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In Video Creation

Hi there, I’m John The Video Guy

Welcome to my website! I am a creative director and content creator from northeast Ohio. I first started video editing when I was in middle school on my parent’s old Windows XP computer in a spare bedroom. And the rest is history.

What interested me most in pursuing video as a career is how special it is. Video is really like magic, where anything is possible if you have the creativity and imagination to pursue your vision.

My Mission In Video

I started this website and my pursuit as a content creator to help others pursue their own career in video. You can find podcasts, video tutorials, and blog posts on various topics. I believe that everyone and anyone should be able to learn video. And I hope the resources on this website help you in your own video career.

When we share knowledge, work together, and generate new ideas; we create a better and more sustainable world for all of us, and that is my mission in video.

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