3 Tips To Edit Videos Faster In Premiere Pro

When it comes to video editing and being a video editor, the faster you can get the better. Your clients will be happier that they can get their videos sooner, and you’ll be able to take on more projects and make more money. In this post I’ll outline 3 areas that can improve your speed as a video editor in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Editing On A Fast Hard Drive

One of the easiest ways to improve your speed as a video editor is to edit on a fast hard drive. This is an underrated part of video editing, but the faster your hard drive is, the quicker Premiere Pro can read your video footage. This makes scrubbing footage a lot smoother. You’ll definitely see a difference if you work with 4k files.

So what hard drive should you edit on? Well preferably your internal computer’s hard drive as this will be the fastest. This is sometimes not possible with how large the video files might be and if you need to edit on an external hard drive, I highly recommend editing on an SSD. SSDs, Solid State Drives, are much quicker than HDDs, Hard Disk Drives.

They are also much more durable. In the video below I cover these drives and outline other key areas to focus on as a video editor.

The hard drive you edit on can save you a lot of time. But let’s look at a few other ways to speed up your workflow.

Optimizing Your Premiere Pro Preference Settings

When working with video editing software, there are certain things you can change based on your preference. Now, everyone is different but it is worth checking out the software’s preferences that you have available to change. This can save you some editing time in the long run. In the video below I outline the key preferences that I change for my personal editing needs.

Learn & Master Keyboard Shortcuts

The last point I want to touch on is the importance of keyboard shortcuts. Understanding and using keyboard shortcuts is going to be critical in order for you to become a faster video editor. You can even change the default keyboard shortcuts to suit your needs. You can even create custom keyboard shortcuts as well.

There are a lot of shortcut that you can edit and change, but in the video below I outline the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts I use in Adobe Premiere Pro.

So there you have it! By simply changing your hard drive, preferences, and keyboard shortcuts, you can start to see a difference in the way you edit and hopefully these will help you become a faster video editor.

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