3 Color Grading Tricks Inside Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of color grading tools inside of it. So in this post, I want to cover three of them that you can use to enhance your color correcting and color grades inside Premiere Pro. If you are brand new to the Lumetri Color panel inside Premiere Pro, I do recommend watching my recent live stream where I break down every section step by step. It is a great video to watch if you are new and just want to see how the controls work. I’ll link that video below if you want to check it out.

Lumetri Color Live Stream

If you don’t know, I host a live stream once per month on my YouTube channel. This type of content allows me to go deeper into certain subjects inside Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. So be sure to check my live streams often or subscribe to my newsletter to be informed when new live streams come out.

One Click Color Grade

One of the coolest features inside Lumetri Color is the ability to copy any color grade from a movie or picture and apply it to your own footage. You can do this with just one click! Now this isn’t always going to work and it depends on your footage and the picture or movie that you are copying the grade from.

The main benefit of using this tool is to get a good baseline so that you can customize the grade after it has been copied. So this tool may help you get 50% of the way there, and you can complete the grade from there. To see this feature in action, check out my video below that quickly shows you how to use this feature.

Copy Any Color Grade With One Click
Fix Green Overcasts

Another helpful feature inside Lumetri Color is the ability to manipulate each color individually. Sometimes footage isn’t shot perfectly, and the features inside Lumetri Color can help fix your footage. A good example is if you have footage with a green overcast. And what’s nice is that there are a few different ways that you can fix this.

The first way is to adjust the white balance using the eyedropper tool. Similar to the last trick, there is a button where you can select the white balance with just one click. This works if there is something white in your footage.

Another way I recommend is using the tint slider under basic color correction. This allows you to shift the tint of the footage to more green or more magenta. By changing this slider, you’ll notice that the green overcast will disapate.

The last way you can apply the same effect is by adjusting the curves of the green hue. There is a curves section inside Pemiere Pro which allows you to adjust the red, green, and blue colors separately. By adjusting the mid-tones of the green curve, you can start to eliminate the overcast as it reduces the amount of green and introduces more red and blue into your footage. To see how to do this, check out my video below!

Fix Green Screen Tones Inside Premiere Pro
Changing Saturation of Different Hues

You can also change the saturation of different hues inside Premiere Pro without impacting a person’s skin tone. This can be done in a few different ways. The first way is a little easier and is done using the Hue Vs. Sat controls underneath the curves section. These controls allow you to control the intensity of the saturation for different hues.

For more advanced controls over certain hues, you can use the HSL secondary tab inside Lumetri Color. There are a lot of controls inside this tab that allow you to really find tune and pin point the exact color and tone that you want to manipulate by using the hue, saturation, and luminosity of the footage. (HSL)

If you want to see how the HSL Secondary panel works, I recommend watching my video below to learn more. By using HSL Secondary, you can completing control the color of your footage, making it one of the most powerful color grading tools to use inside Premiere Pro.

Change Saturation While Maintaining Skin Tone

I hope these tips help you with color correcting & color grading your footage inside Premiere Pro. Let me know if you have any questions. Leave them down in the comments section below. Otherwise, that so much for reading and happy video creating! 🤘

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